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Products offer eBay sellers and ecommerce websites an
automated answer solution to repetitive buyer emails



LOS ANGELES, Calif., February 17, 2006 – With more people using the Internet as a shopping mall, eBay has become one of the largest online vendors for the Internet savvy consumer.  However, the convenience of online shopping on eBay for consumers brings a new challenge for all online sellers and merchants: email overload.


To help overcome this, eSavz has entered a partnership with HostedSupport to distribute ezSupport Lite and ezSupport Lite for eBay.


“We work closely with many large eBay sellers and other online retailers,“ explained David Hardin, president of eSavz. “We have a deep understanding of the pain point created by the huge volume of repetitive customer email. I’m confident that we can help other online merchants by providing them with an easy-to-use and inexpensive solution to what is usually one the other most challenging and time consuming activities – answering customer email.”


“We deal with an alarming number of frustrated business owners that are looking for a simple solution to their customer support problem,” said Steve Hartert, HostedSupport vice president of marketing.  “They need a solution that is fast, easy to implement and low risk.  The answer to that problem is our ezSupport products. In 20 minutes they’re up and running and one major pain-point of their growing business is solved.”


The reality that companies are facing is that consumers are demanding more and higher levels of service from a business.  Business owners must be able to resolve customer issues quickly and effectively and they are faced with large volumes of email questions that are repetitive and can be easily answered.  As the volume of email grows, the time devoted to responding to these repetitive questions hinders the ability to focus on the needs of the business. The ezSupport products address the growing requirement for automated responses to repetitive email questions by automatically answering 80 percent of incoming questions.


About ezSupport Lite

Developed for traditional ecommerce and informational websites, ezSupport Lite is a web-based hosted solution that requires only a web browser and an Internet connection to use.  A set up wizard walks the user through the installation that takes less than 20 minutes to complete.  ezSupport Lite provides the user with a knowledgebase of 10 questions and answers that can be customized based on the needs of their business, and the types of questions they regularly receive, and maintains a complete customer contact history.


To build the knowledgebase, the set up wizard asks a series of questions, and the user provides the answers. This includes topics such as exchange and refund policies, shipping information and how to check an order’s status. The user can change the answers as often as needed.


When a customer sends an email, it is routed through the user’s ezSupport Lite knowledgebase. It’s then analyzed by the knowledgebase and the correct answer is instantly sent back to the customer. If the email cannot be answered, the user is alerted and can personally provide a response.


“Our objective is to introduce customers to the advantages of an automated customer support solution through the ‘lite’ version of our product that is available to anyone for free,” added Hartert.  “Our research shows that 80 percent of all emails are answered automatically by our ezSupport products. For those that need more features and functionality from their customer support solution, an easy upgrade to the ezSupport and ezSupport Pro versions of our products are available at any time.”


New users to ezSupport Lite are given access to ezSupport  Pro for 30 days and then are given the option to continue using the Pro version or to begin using ezSupport Lite for as long as they want.  ezSupport and ezSupport Pro are the upgraded versions of’s product, which feature unlimited questions and answers, Live Chat (ezSupport Pro only) and a variety of in-depth reports and charts.


ezSupport Lite is FREE and can be accessed at  ezSavz customers can upgrade to ezSupport for $14.95 per support rep per month (a $49.95 value) or ezSupport Pro for $24.95 per support rep per month (a $79.95 value).


About ezSupport Lite for eBay

ezSupport Lite for eBay is a web-based, hosted solution with no special software or hardware to purchase. So how does it work? The seller registers for ezSupport for eBay at HostedSupport’s website ( A step-by-step “wizard” takes the seller through the registration process and asks the seller a series of common eBay questions.  The seller simply types in their answers to these common questions.  The seller also has the opportunity to add additional questions and answers that they commonly get. This process builds a knowledgebase of questions and answers. Typical questions might include inquiries on shipping policies, sales tax polices, as well as product-specific questions such as sizes or colors.  All of these question types can be handled by ezSupport Lite for eBay. The entire set up process usually takes less than 20 minutes to complete.


In addition, the ezSupport Lite for eBay knowledgebase is integrated with eBay’s “Ask the seller a question.” When a buyer asks the seller a question, the buyer’s question is compared to that seller’s knowledgebase of questions and answers.  Typically, over 80 percent of buyer questions can be automatically answered by the knowledgebase, which sends the answer via email to the buyer.  If the knowledgebase can not answer the question, then these questions go to an inbox where they can be reviewed and answered by support reps. 


Using ezSupport Lite for eBay, eBay sellers can manage more auction listings and rest assured that they will not be negatively impacted by an onslaught of email questions from potential buyers.  ezSupport Lite for eBay will ensure that buyers automatically get their questions answered quickly and accurately, and only a small fraction of emails will require a manual reply from the seller.


ezSupport Lite for eBay is FREE. also offers ezSupport for eBay, which costs $9.95 per support rep per month and offers unlimited questions and answers in the knowledgebase.  HostedSupport products are compatible with Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox, and Safari web browsers, and works with Windows and Macintosh computers.


About eSavz

eSavz is a Mayfield, KY-based eBay Powerseller that sells under the name of “Shoetime.” It sells  designer shoes, boots & sandals, and sells l brand name footwear for men and women including Nike, Timberland, Coach, Born, Rockport, ECCO, Merrell, Harley, Tommy, Nine West and UGGS, as well as other authentic name brands from major US retailers


“We look the world over to bring you the best footwear at the best prices. Our shoes, boots and athletic wear, many designed by the worlds best designers from Italy, Spain, France, Germany and many other countries and, are of the highest quality,” explained David Hardin, president of eSavz. “Our commitment is to bring the high quality products at very reasonable prices. Most of our business ideas come from our shoppers, and we are grateful to you for any comment we receive. We are looking forward to earning your business.”


About is a leading provider of affordable customer support automation for web businesses. Its easy-to-use system can be set up in 20 minutes and eliminates many of the support “pains” involved in answering and tracking customer questions and problem tickets. Businesses using's products eliminate most of their manual, time-consuming customer support tasks while improving customer support and retention. is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Its clients and partners include: eBay, PCMall, E! Online, TicketWeb,, Salesnet, Yahoo! Search Marketing, BrandMuscle, MyGolfBallStore, eBoz, Roving, Bravenet, and ePublicEye.